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English: A map showing the Great Seljuk Empire at its height, upon the death of Malik Shah I in 1092.

The capital of the empire is shown at Isfahan. The borders of present-day countries are shown in gray. The lighter colour in the top right represents Karakhanids:

"In 1089, Malik Shah returned to the charge, occupied Bukhara, captured Sarakand, and imprisoned the Karakhanid Ahmed . . . whom he later reinstated as client-ruler. From that time forward, the Karakhanids who reigned in Bukhara and Samarkand did so as lieutenants of the Seljuk sultans. Transoxiana was now no more than a dependency of the Seljuk Empire.", Grousset p. 147.

Other areas such as the Danishmends are not shown separately.

The locations of the Battle of Manzikert (1071) and the Battle of Dandanaqan (1040) are also shown.
Nederlands: Het Seltsjoekenrijk op het toppunt van haar macht in nl:1092, ten tijde van de dood van nl:Malik Sjah I. Na diens dood viel het rijk uiteen in verschillende staatjes.

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In general, the map was based on Shepherd and on Hall & Haywood, with modifications based on Grousset and Hourani (Hourani's map excludes the area retaken by Byzantium and the Crusaders in 1097-1100). Other maps show the Empire extending into present day Pakistan &/or that include Mecca, but I have found little evidence to support this.

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