Early Middle AgesEdit

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Duchies of the Lombard KingdomEdit

Districts of the Byzantine EmpireEdit

Carolingian EraEdit

Italy in the year 1000Edit

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States of the Holy Roman EmpireEdit

Other statesEdit

Main independent communesEdit

Duchies and other entities of former Byzantine Empire appartenanceEdit

Italy in the year 1494Edit

File:Map of Italy (1494)-en.svg

Before the beginning of the Italian Wars

Italy in the year 1559Edit

After the wikipedia:Peace of Cateau-Cambresis:

Italy in the year 1659Edit

After the treaty of the Pirenees

Italy 1796

Italy before Napoleonic invasion (1796).

Italy in the year 1796Edit

Before the Napoleonic period

Italy c 1810

Italy in Napoleonic times (1796).

Italy in Napoleonic times (1796 - 1814)Edit

After wikipedia:Napoleon’s invasion of Italy:

Italy in the year 1816Edit

After the wikipedia:Congress of Vienna:

Italy in the year 1861Edit

After the unification